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Healthcare Cybersecurity Protection Starts From Within

Every company takes their security seriously, and in today’s world, that extends to cybersecurity. Protecting your company from harmful viruses and hacks online is a real concern these days and requires the attention of any company’s IT team. This is especially important in the healthcare industry since most of the data and information being sent back and forth and being recorded not only has privacy concerns, but is highly sensitive.

That is why hospitals, surgery centers, medical groups, physician groups, and clinics, are always looking for ways to better protect their information, while also making it easier for medical records and information to be shared among their teams and staff.

So, if you work in the technology section of a large hospital that has multiple servers, laptops, and computers that all need to be connected to share information, how do you go about making sure that they are all secure? Or maybe all the systems are already patched, but then you add new workstations. How do you know that it is all still secure?

This is where Patchworx comes in, a complete Patch Management as a Service solution. Our proven process is designed particularly for use in the healthcare space and it securely, and safely, patches all your servers and workstations consistently to meet your compliance obligations.

But Why Patchworx?

With Patchworx, we have created the ultimate Patch Management as a Service system that allows you to rest easy, knowing that all medical information, data, and records are kept safe and secure though software patching best practices.

  • Compliance Assurance: Patchworx guarantees that your system will be safe. Patching is verified through smoke testing to ensure that it is in working order and properly installed. There are never false-positives, and you can rest easy knowing all your medical records are protected.
  • Desktop Hardware and Software Inventory: Each machine that has Patchworx installed is included in monthly reports, enabling you to track, monitor, and download reports to make sure that is working correctly. There’s no guesswork involved!
  • Always Safe: Often times, seldom used laptops (or even desktops) tend to get overlooked, creating a threat to security. With Patchworx, this is never an issue, due to our advanced inventory system.
  • End Users are Prevented from Making Changes: Patchworx is designed so that the end users cannot circumvent the patch or reports. This ensures that everything continues to remain safe, with the system always patched.
  • Non-Invasive: Patchworx can access your systems remotely or come on-site to install and monitor patching. We keep your systems safe, while allowing you to remain up-to-date on all the latest updates and changes.

Patch Management is a Very Real Issue.

For medical practices and hospitals, cybersecurity is a genuine and present issue. In fact, it is estimated that more than 85% of small to medium-sized hospitals lack one single qualified security person working there. That essentially means that the bulk of our small hospitals are at danger of becoming a victim of a ransomware attack.

The threat is real. The danger is there. The question is…what are medical practices going to do about it? Wait until it’s too late, or protect their information before there’s detrimental harm done?

With Patchworx there’s really no excuse. Ensuring that your systems are secure and safe has never been easier, or more reliable.

Importance of System Updates

The infamous WannaCry Ransomware attack in 2017 targeted companies across many industries, including healthcare, by exploiting an unpatched vulnerability.

Years later, ransomware remains a risk for some healthcare organizations, who have higher rates of running on old operating systems that are difficult to patch. With an ever-increasing number of security incidents, and the cost of a data breach being highest in the healthcare sector, patching systems and software has never been more crucial for organizations within the industry.

Microsoft WSUS Consultant

WSUS Consulting Services

Software update service for system administrators to manage Microsoft product updates

SCCM Consulting Services

Systems management software for managing large numbers of computers running multiple operating systems and application.

We utilize a proven 31-step patching process.

*Diagram represents a portion of our process

Patch Management As A Service

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$250K Cyber Insurance Coverage

Our integrated insurance coverage and breach response services includes $250,000 of cyber liability insurance (annual aggregate) with $0 deductible.

As a Patchworx℠ client, you will be protected for the cost of an actual or suspected violation of a privacy regulation due to a security breach that results in the unauthorized release of protected personal information (PPI) up to the policy limits.

PPI is defined as any private, non-public information of any kind in the merchant’s care, custody or control. This coverage territory is worldwide and is backed by a carrier rated A+ by AM Best.