Software Patching

Outsourced Healthcare Patching

Third-Party Software Patching is Critical to Your Patching Process

Network security threats seem to be unending. Broadly distributed ransomware infections, such as WannaCry, cause global damage—with billions of dollars in business losses—and in some severe cases, the shuttering of companies. These worst case scenarios are caused by cyber criminals that disable, and even delete, critical data and the supporting IT Systems. The blame for …

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Healthcare Patching Solution

Healthcare Rates Worst of Eight Sectors Most Likely to Be Breached

Healthcare tops the list for reported breaches on the first half of 2019 for eight top industry categories. See the story here, Top 8 Industries Reporting Data Breaches In The First Half Of 2019. Healthcare tops Retail, Insurance and Finance and Public Administration for this infamous glory. Despite stringent HIPAA regulations, healthcare companies are constantly …

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Microsoft WSUS Consultant

WSUS Consulting Services

Software update service for system administrators to manage Microsoft product updates
  • Help resolving common WSUS server issues
  • Solve the problem of PCs not reporting to WSUS
  • Identify and repair the common WSUS system errors
  • Fix high CPU utilization problems
  • Stop duplicate SUSClientIDs
  • Diagnose and fix failed downloads
  • Fix IIS permissions that lead to failed Windows Update Agent Error Codes
  • Using Group Policy to set WSUS agent policies
  • Troubleshooting issues with WSUS client agents

SCCM Consulting Services

Systems management software for managing large numbers of computers running multiple operating systems and application.
  • Help with the frequent updates required to maintain security and version updates
  • Develop a program to get a monthly cadence for distributing updates
  • Understanding the of conflicting reports coming from SCCM
  • Verify accuracy before starting the deployment
  • How to properly initiate Client Notification Actions
  • Troubleshooting (DRS) Database Replication Service within SCCM
  • Proactively fixing client issues
  • Fixing failed deployments so you can move on to other more important tasks
  • Fixing ConfigMgr problems
  • Integrate third party add-ins(like Ivanti) for third party updates
  • Support Wake on Lan(WOL) patching
  • Maintenance Windows feature to prevent Servers restart during business hours
  • Updates Windows 10 image during build process that way your workstation will always have the latest security updates
  • Integrate with PowerBi for better reporting

We utilize a proven 31-step patching process.

*Diagram represents a portion of our process”
Patch Management As A Service

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$250K Cyber Insurance Coverage

Our integrated insurance coverage and breach response services includes $250,000 of cyber liability insurance (annual aggregate) with $0 deductible.

As a Patchworx℠ client, you will be protected for the cost of an actual or suspected violation of a privacy regulation due to a security breach that results in the unauthorized release of protected personal information (PPI) up to the policy limits.

PPI is defined as any private, non-public information of any kind in the merchant’s care, custody or control. This coverage territory is worldwide and is backed by a carrier rated A+ by AM Best.